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I’d Much Rather Laugh! Preferisco Ridere!: How You can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin
by Vincent Licitra

Author Vincent Licitra pens a provocative, no holds barred book that depicts the struggling scenario of America’s political and social culture in I’d Much Rather Laugh! Preferisco Ridere! This is the author’s honest and straightforward introspection on the serious and shocking situation in America’s democracy, civic society and capitalism.

America has long been in turmoil. It has been struggling to surpass the many over coating dilemmas that surround the true definition of democracy and capitalism. For years now, these abrupt changes have greatly impacted America’s capitalistic tendencies, desires and ideals. If democracy failed, capitalism follows. It is as abstract as supply and demand.

The underdogs in the American society, however, can still seek out a valuable part and can play a pivotal role for any progress that could happen to the country. Americans should put away personal and childish thoughts and face the dying capitalism and democracy of the country. It is through this way that America can still exploit the remaining treasures of a country that was once progressive and idealistic while maintaining its connections, tradition and conservative foundation.